Types of real estate in Albania

From the capital Tirana to all corners of the country, charming and historic buildings can be found. Older houses with traditional architecture can be found at affordable prices if extensive renovation is needed.
On the other hand, they can be too expensive, especially in the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Berat's Mangalem district and the historic area of Gjirokastra.
Other towns include Kruja, Shkodra, Durres, Korca, the northern regions of Kelmend, Theth and Valbona, Permet, Konispol and the coastal villages of the southern Riviera. Older houses are less efficient than new ones, and this is a factor that can lower their price.

Land in the countryside is an excellent choice and can include citrus orchards, olive groves and even vineyards. The Albanian authorities have recently launched the "100 Villages" initiative. These are the best options to consider if you are looking for country living.

Waterfront properties
If it is a waterfront neighborhood, it is located in a popular tourist area. One of the most convenient areas for waterfront properties is the city of Durres. This is the Albanian version of Florida, as many older Italians prefer Durres when they retire. They like the warm climate, low prices and friendly people. Saranda, in the south, is the city that attracts the most foreign buyers. This trend is due to the high number of visitors and tourists and the competitive prices compared to other countries in the region.

According to Monitor magazine, the coast of Durresi is divided into three areas. Lalzi't Bay is the most expensive area, where the price per square meter ranges from 900 to 1,100 euros.

The second area is between Plepa and Golem, where the supply of real estate is increasing. The cheapest houses are located in the buildings behind the railroad line, where the average price is 300 euros per square meter. The prices of houses near the beach vary between 700 and 750 euros.

The third area is the beach Golem - Qerreti, where prices for apartments range from 800 to 850 euros.

Housing on the south coast, especially on the Riviera, is much more expensive than in other parts of the country. Radhima and Orikum offer cheaper accommodation options compared to coastal villages further south. Based on the listings in Radhima, the average cost of an apartment is 700 EUR per square meter. In Orikum, prices range from €450 to €500, depending on the distance to the beach.

On the Riviera, prices are starting to rise: The average price for a square meter in Dhermi is €1,200, and while costs are rising, supply is limited.

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