10 reasons why Albania is a good country to invest

Talking with friends in my homecountry germany i often get the question why i choose albania for my investments.
Many did never before thought about albania. Some where even disapointet from the idea. Albania was for all of them never a topic before.
Maybe you did feel the same as you visited Albania the first time.
Here are the 10 reasons why i it potentially will pay off to invest in your albanian house.  

1. Prices

On Albania's coast, prices are very low, so you can get a plot of land on the beach for less than 1000 euros per square meter.


2. Buying Process

The costs of buying and selling in Albania are very low.
At less than 10%, they are much lower than in many other countries. 

3. Taxation

Taxation is really low when it comes to rental income and capital gains tax. Both are 15%. So quite reasonable.

4. Emerging Market

Albania is an emerging market so you may have a little advantage as a first time provider, although there has been investment in the past, there has not been too much investment in recent years so you may have an advantage as a first time provider with very low prices.

5. Tourism is increasing

As in many other emerging markets, tourism is booming and is expected to continue to boom in the future.

Even in times of travel restrictions, Albania is one of the countries with an economic growth of more than 5%.

6. Stable Currency

The Albanian Leke is actually quite a stable currency.

In fact, it has performed quite well against the euro and the us dollar over the past five years.

7. Acceptance

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying in Albania except for agricultural land, so you have the same rights - as Albanians, so that's a good thing.

8. GDP Growth

What I also like is the growth in Albania the GDP growth in the last five years so pre copied 19 2015 to 2019 every year was over two percent which is a pretty good performance and finally

9. Simple Paperwork

If you've ever tried to open a bank account in another country it's often quite difficult, they want a lot of documentation, proof of residency and other things, but in Albania it's actually very easy to open a bank account, you just have to show your passport and you can open a bank account, similar to Bulgaria 10 to 15 years ago

10. It's beautiful

Aside from the great opportunities Albania offers for your investments, it is also a really beautiful country with everything you could want.

Surrounded by mountains and nature, you can enjoy the beaches in summer and ski in winter.

Old traditions are kept alive and give you an impression of the medieval times.

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